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At WebGuruh, we offer a wide range of data entry services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are looking for simple copy, paste, sort, filter, and editing of your raw data, or you want to digitize your documents into editable and searchable text - we can do it all.

Customized Solutions - We will work with you to understand your exact requirements and design customized solutions. Like, we will create customized rules and workflows and allocate adequate resources like, software, systems, team and a dedicated project manager to provide you a competitive service.

Advanced Skills - Our teams of data entry specialists and Quality Analysts are adept at managing all sorts of data entry and data processing activities. This includes but is not limited to digitizing hand written, printed or digital documents like, medical records, legal documents, invoices, checks and credit cards, business cards, survey and questionnaires, online forms and applications, scanned images, etc. The data can be entered into different file formats like MicroSoft Excel, Access, Word, ERP or CRM as per your requirements.

Accuracy Guarantee - We understand the significance of accuracy in your database and how seriously it can affect your business decision. Hence, we employ only experienced data entry professionals and quality analysts, along with smart tools like, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to assist them in identifying mistakes in the data. Above all, we ensure that the team is not under pressure to achieve unrealistic targets, which greatly reduces the chances of errors.

Dedicated Project Manager - We will assign a dedicated project manager for your project so that you do not feel lost in a big company system. The manager would be proficient in your language and experienced in handling projects for clients from your region. At the inception of the project, your dedicated project manager will schedule a kick-off meeting with you and all key team players to verify your expectations, project deadlines, deliverables and to flag issues, if any.


Confidential and Secure Data Processing - Data security is at the core of our business. We are constantly finding and employing new efficient ways to protect our client's data and provide unmatched data security management. There has not been even a single incident of a data security breach in our organization since last 6 years of servicing our clients. This means that we have stringent data security controls in our system to process your data with highest level of protection from theft and misuse.

Low Cost - We understand that pricing is an important factor for businesses when deciding on outsourcing the time consuming data processing jobs. So, we offer fully customised and flexible pricing based on the nature of services required, available budget, duration of project, resources involved, skills required, project scope and technology to be used. The pricing model is also flexible to suit your budget and preferences, like, pay-by-hour, pay-per-dedicated resource and pay-per-assignment.

A few of our Data Entry Services
  • Online and Offline Data Entry
  • Data Entry of products for eCommerce Stores
  • Digitizing text from Scanned Documents, Images, PDF, Registers, Prescriptions
  • Carrying out Online Research to Update existing database or creating new ones
  • Creating the mailing list for different industries
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