SEO Tools that help you analyze your website like Google does
Google would never disclose how exactly they evaluate a website, but with some serious experiments we can understand their secret to a great level.

There are a number of free and paid SEO tools which can be used in combination to get a bigger picture of your website's strengths and weaknesses. Using the same tools the competitor's sites can also be analyzed to a large extend that would help you in setting a benchmark for your website optimization. Therefore these tools are very important to understand where you lack in your SEO marketing strategy as they allow you to focus on those areas of your website that required more importance. In this post, we'll walk through some of the leading tools used by Search Engine marketers to analyze their website like a Google bot.

Google Webmaster Tools

The most reliable statistics you can get about your website is from the Google Webmaster Tools. It has an extremely user friendly panel with lots of guides and tools for webmasters that help them understand the fundamentals of Google Search. These include:

Fetch as Google - This tool shows how Google bots read your website - Providing critical information about site's poor SEO performance, which can be used to troubleshoot the errors. This tool has a limit of 500 fetches in a week, which is sufficient to some extent for a webmaster to gradually understand websites errors and carefully fix them one after another.

Page speed Insights - You can check your website's loading speed for both desktop and mobile versions. This is one of the most important areas that need to be focused in order to retain interest of the users arriving n your website. A slow loading website/webpages would only encourage the visitor to look for other resources. The page speed score for any website can range from 0 to 100. If you have a score over 85, it means that your website is performing well. But anything less might need you to review the website coding and images.

Check My Links

This is another free SEO tool that helps you check if all the links on your webpage (internal and external) are actually live. This can be helpful every time you update a page and are about to go live. Just use this tool to make sure all the links are active and rectify any errors way before in falls for hurting your Search Rankings.

SEO Report Card

Another free SEO tool that gives a detailed report on your website performance as compared with your competitors. Created by UpCity, this tool asks only for contact details in return of providing an extensive analysis report card with following details:

Rank Analysis - Showing where the website ranks on search engines (Google, Yahoo! And Bing) for your important keywords.

Link Building - giving an estimate of number of back links to your website.

On-Site Analysis - checking on-page SEO features like keyword density, Headline tags, Title tags, Image tags and more.

Website Accessibility - Showing website load time and ease of accessibility for search engine crawlers.

Current Indexing - Showing the number of pages indexed by major search engine crawlers.


This is initially a free tool for 14 days trial subscription and needs upgrading with minimum $49 monthly plan. The premium plan for this tool costs up to $149 per month, but no doubt it justifies the fee it charges. Woorank checks the performance of all your existing marketing initiatives including SEO, Social Media, link building, blogging. to analyze the website authority. Each website analysis report has 8 sections - Marketing checklist, SEO, Mobile, Usability, Technologies, Social, Local and Visitors. Altogether spanning across more than 70 metrics and providing one consolidated and user friendly report that can be downloaded in PDF format.

So Get Started

It might never be possible to understand Google's algorithms and update your website accordingly. You can only get your website performing by leveraging SEO best practices and making use of free or paid SEO tools to focus in right direction.

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