Optimizing Social Profiles for Search Visibility
Social profiles are great assets for any business. They expand the business's online presence for customer acquisition and engagement, while also help in online reputation management by capturing more search results for the brand.

Optimizing social profiles for higher search rankings has the biggest benefit of pushing down any negative reviews about your business. Though we encourage that every business must offer good service to their customers and completely avoid negative experiences. But, since we do not live in a perfect world, despite our 100% efforts a customer might get offended and posts a negative remark about our business online. Such negative remarks gain authority very easily and sometimes it might appear in SERPs for our brand name.

In such a scenario, having a business profile on authoritative social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest. can be of great help in reputation management. It can help you feature the links to your social profiles on top of SERPs while pushing down all the negative comments. This way you can control what your prospects and clients see as they search for your brand.

Execution is not as easy as the planning. Here is a little bit about how to move ahead and make it happen.

Integrating Social Profiles on Website

To improve the search ranking of social profiles you must link them to your corporate website. This seems very basic when dealing with social marketing, but you would be surprised to know that many webmasters do not link their social business profiles with the websites or some just link one.

Linking all your social profiles help pass the authority unless you use a no follow tag (which is not recommended actually). It will also increase the exposure of your profiles leading to more visits, followers and social engagement.

Creating Links for your Social Profiles

The more links you create for your social profiles the greater number of people would be able to discover them. Here are few ways you can generate more traffic and relevancy for your social profiles.

  • Include your social profile links in all your corporate email communications.
  • Interlink all your social profiles, like Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter and more
  • Get links for your social profiles from third party websites wherever possible, like Slideshare.net, forums, blogs and more.
Optimizing your Social Profiles

You will find listed below profile optimization tips for some of the popular social networks including Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter. Most of the recommendations are applicable across other social networks as well, but to be specific the general/common optimization tricks are categorized under a different section.

General Optimization Tips that can be applied to nearly any social profile

Branding: Use high quality branded images to clearly display or differentiate your business identity.

Updates: keep your profiles alive by updating them on regular basis. The frequency of updates may vary according to different platforms.

Profile completeness: Every social profile has options of adding helpful information about your business, for example web links, description, bio, location, and more. By filling all these areas your profile appears strong both to the users and the search engines.


Branding: Apart from a high quality profile picture and cover image, add a variety of photos to your photo album that showcase the strength of your business.

Posts: Keep posting on your profile at least once every day using # tag wherever appropriate.

Business Page Info: Add as much information about your business as possible, including History, mission, awards, services, products and more.

Custom Tabs: You can create custom tabs related to any specific category/section/service of your business. For example, free shows, contests, feeds of other profiles and more.


Branding: You can select a background color also along with profile picture and cover image. Use these features to represent the identity of your brand.

Tweets: Update frequently at least 4-5 times per day using # tags wherever appropriate. These # tags help showing up your tweets in Google search.

Media: You can share different types of media along with your short text message like images and videos.


Branding: Use this corporate network to influence professionals with your high quality brand logo and banner image.

Bio: Add a compelling company description that showcases your business strengths. You can add as much content as you like.

Updates: Share your company news and views related to the industry, your business or any other aspect of your profession. But keep it completely professional. This is not the place for sharing casual updates.


Branding: Add high quality branded images for profile. Claim your profile's vanity URL like "http:www.youtube.com/webguruhindia".

Bio: Include as much content as you want to tell good things about your business to your visitors. You can also include links to other social profiles.

Updates: Create and share influential content through videos. Make a plan to share a fix number of videos every week/month.

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