How content marketing creates a Long-term boost to your website traffic?
A single awesome piece of content can be a powerful driver of website traffic for a long period 'beyond the popularity of that particular content'.

When you share a very well written piece of content that appeals to the readers then its chances for going viral are pretty high. Then as a result you see your analytics showing different trends. You see things like more visits to your blog, increased page views, increase in the social followers on your accounts. So when you go to your social network next time to share more content, you have a bigger audience. You will be reaching more people who are important for your business. The people who would share your content with other people because they find your content works and it influences shares. So these people who know that you have some authoritative information about their interests they would want to find out more content from you which might provide them with something of worth to share on their social accounts.

You see more people subscribing to your RSS and emails because they find your content interesting and want to know when you create something else. Your website's direct traffic increases because people want to see if you have more content worth reading apart from viral piece. And if you have done a good job in providing additional content of similar value you get more bookmarks, and more searches on your personal/brand name. So you will get a lift in your organic rankings from all the backlinks and social shares and engagement you created.

How to achieve this?

It is not just about creating a good content but it has to be 'creating a particular type of content' about a particular theme. So to know what you should probably write about, you must have a deep understanding of what others in your industry are writing and sharing. Not necessarily the standard users or standard consumers but the industry specialists "the influencers of your domain". You must follow them regularly and understand what they are talking about and why. Whether it makes them sound good, or helps them develop authority in their industry, or provide value to their followers, attract links, shares and traffic. Whatever be the objective, you must have a deep understanding of how these influencers manage to get successful with their content marketing campaigns.

Once you are aware of what your readers would like to know more about the next step is to make sure that you do not turn them off. For example, promotional messages or pop-ups often create distraction and weaken the user experience.

After taking care of the essentials, what's left is the quality of content you produce. I recommend that the content you create should be nothing less than 10 times interesting and worth sharing than your competitors. Unless you have something unique to say, you will have a tough time promoting your content or stand out from the crowd. It would definitely be a tough thing to do, but that is why content marketing is so valuable and rare.

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