WordPress - the best platform to build websites
While most of the small businesses now have a website, they do not usually have the budget to hire a dedicated professional to manage their website, update the gallery, product catalogue or remove obsolete items.

Thanks to the WordPress platform, hiring a web professional is no longer necessary. If you have ever used Microsoft word and excel and know how to upload photos on social media channels, then you are equipped with all the skills required to administer your own website. Using the wordpress admin panel is that easy.

But apart from being user friendly, there are several other/more important reasons why WordPress is the top choice of web developers for creating website for their clients.

Wordpress is an open source platform

Almost everything on WordPress is free, and which is planned to remain free in the future too. You don't need to purchase WordPress software to create your website. This also means that any updates made on wordpress platform are accessible by any independent developer based in any geographic location.

The biggest benefit of having Wordpress as a free platform for website development is that, you can access all the updated/latest web features free of cost in future as well. Which, if in case you get from other paid platforms would cost you every time a new product feature is launched.

Wordpress is SEO friendly

SEO capability features set WordPress apart from all the other CMSs (content management systems). You get responsive design themes, super simple and clear codes, inbuilt RSS feeds, optimized navigation structure, organized URLs, optimized images, customized page titles/meta tags, along with google analytics tracking which helps in higher search engine positioning.

In addition, wordpress offers various powerful plugins/tools that are designed for assisting webmasters in analyzing and leveraging their SEO efforts. Most of these plugins, like the rest of the WordPress platform gets updated constantly to keep up with the ethical and best SEO practices guided by Google.

Theme Customization

From shading and color to simple styling changes, any wordpress theme can be customized to match the design preferences of the webmaster. The live theme customizer allows the users to make design changes quickly and review simultaneously. A professional web designer can be more creative in their approach and use their software like Adobe photoshop to edit the themes and update their web files to be more creative.

There are also plenty of social sharing feature and widgets in wordpress themes that can be installed easily by dragging and dropping the widget into specific widget area. If you do not see any widget area in your design template, then it means that your theme does not support widgets.

Super simple monitoring

From updating content and images to reviewing user comments and responding, you can monitor every section of your wordpress website/blog through a user friendly and intuitive dashboard. Even if you have never monitored a website before, you will be able to manage it very easily and become an expert in no time.

The wordpress dashboard is built to be compatible with almost all devices giving you the power to update your website on the go. Whether you are lounging at a pool-side, sitting comfortably in your favorite arm chair or travelling, as long as you have access to internet wordpress can take your commands.

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