Is it worth to advertise with Bing Ad?
Simple answer - if it has the ability to give you a high return on all your time, effort and money, do it! And many online marketing experts believe that Bing Ads has the ability.

In March 2015, comScore qSearch published a report that showed 'Bing search engine gets 20 percent of the search market share in US'. Yahoo! now takes the third place with 12.7 percent which is boosted recently due to its search deal with Firefox. And Yahoo! once acquired the same 20 percent market share as Bing now, in May 2009.

Furthermore, a 2015 search report by AdGooroo "Yahoo! Bing Paid Search Metrics Report" shows that a large section of advertisers in various sectors are getting high CTR (click through rates) on Bing and Yahoo! as compared with Google, even when Google delivers the best CTRs of all time. In 2014, around 18 percent of advertisers from classifieds and shopping domain who invested in paid ads on Bing, Yahoo! and Google noticed higher CTRs on Yahoo! and Bing. 16 percent in Travel and automotive category also claimed the same experience. The reason for such an encouraging response was mainly because of acquiring more favorable ad positions in Bing paid search results as compared to Google.

This is just a slice of data to help you compare and understand the potential of Bing advertising. It may or may not work wonders for your business, but there certainly is an opportunity of making some decent amount of money from this market place which you would otherwise be losing completely.

Apart from all these statistics that shows users are going beyond Google to search for products/service, you would also like to try Bing because:

The competition level is lower

Try searching for any service or product on Google and notice how many ads are there. Imaging the level of competition for every ad you try to place there for your business. Now do the same search on Bing, see the number of ads and record the level of competition here. You must be able to notice the difference. The difference is as high as 2:11 for several categories/keywords (2 ads on Bing compared with 11 ads on Google).

It offers a nice ROI

Since the competition is less, the cost per click is also lower as compared with Google. And further considering the experience of businesses who enjoyed a high 'click through rates' on Bing advertising last year, it means that we can get a nice return on investment.

No doubt that the volume of sales you get from Bing Ads would probably be lower as compared to Google Adwords, but being a smart marketer you would not want to lose on even a smallest of the opportunities of attracting your customers. Try things out for yourself. Get a better picture of the potentials of Bong ads for your business.

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