Content Marketing Strategy focused on Long-Term Goals
Successful marketers have matured their content marketing strategies from 'simply creating content for SEO purpose' to 'creating useful content & influence business outcomes'.

According to MarketingProfs' annual studies, over 90% of online marketers are using content marketing. No doubt that the importance of content differentiation is realized by almost all B2B & B2C marketers. But the study also shows that the most effective marketers are only upto 60%, who are known to have documented content marketing strategy.

This is what differentiates a strategy focused on long term success from short term objectives of quick hits.

With each publication, there is definitely something you wish to achieve. Example, you would want the feed to go viral, increase awareness of a new offer/discount, adding up likes and comments and so on. But to be successful in long term, these objectives need to align with your overall sales strategy.

By documenting your long term business goals you can prepare your teams to focus on common objectives with each publication. With team effort focused on a single goal alone, you can experience the incremental benefits of content marketing.

Have a plan ready to stand ahead of such a tremendous competition. Capitalize on every opportunity by following these simple rules to create a powerful content marketing strategy.

Understand your target readers

Discover, attract, engage and convert are the essential goals of any content marketing plan. Understanding how your audience discovered you and what information/solution he is seeking is the base of a successful content plan.

Know what to create and when to post

Creativity is the key to content success. Identify and outline the preferences of your audiences for consuming information, like video, case studies, casual blogging, news updates. Help them connect, understand and respond to call to action.

Use editorial calendar to keep your content fresh

Keep records of every post, its objectives and keywords you target. This would help you ensure variety in themes for your readers as well as for search engines. Provide definitive resource of information to readers. This would serve them a good reason to return.

Leverage the information around you

Frequently asked questions by your prospects/buyers is a resourceful list to start with. Understand the emotional motivation behind those questions. Create stories to address these concerns through your publications. Include facts, statistics, benefits, casestudies and more.

Use tools for research & measurement

There are lots of free and paid tools available for bloggers & content marketers. With expert use you can effectively measure and manage length/breadth of your content marketing efforts. Understand your competitor's strategy, take learning and optimize your efforts.

Incorporate Social Media amplification into your plan

For best results, plan your content outreach in advance. This way you can build a relevant and personalized community with proper context around your content. Connecting these channels with your employees, customers, business friends, and industry experts can provide great exposure.

The benefits of content marketing are incremental in long term, but these might start coming slow. Sometimes you might feel nobody is reading you, but it is always healthy to prepare your team's expectations. With consistent efforts your 20-25 visitors/day can turn to 50-100 in no time. While there could also be well planned 'rewarding quick hits' that can cover the gaps and bring hundreds & thousands of motivated visitors.

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